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Bullying, Harassment and Violence: Similarities and Differences and How to Stop them

Workplace bullying is systematic psychological abuse that degrades and humiliates, and causes anxiety, depression, burnout, and lower levels of job satisfaction in targets and bystanders. Behaviors include frequent yelling, manipulation of work, nasty emails, ...

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Payroll Rules & Administration made Simple Includes Review of New Overtime Rules

This webinar covers the complete context of payroll rules and administration made simple.  It starts with the basic classification of workers properly classified as Contractors or Workers.  Rules for Payment and administration of Contractors is outlined.  Rule ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 75 Mins
  • Carl Young
  • Jan 23, 2019
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GDPR Compliance for U.S. Depository Financial Institutions

On May 25th, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective in the European Union (EU). The GDPR establishes a number of new requirements on covered depository institutions that go beyond existing U.S. financial privacy and data security l ...

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The Effective Manager's Communication Skills Toolbox: Making Active Listening, Constructive Feedback, Resolving Conflicts

In order to function at maximum effectiveness, a manager must master critical communication skills, including active listening, the ability to receive and provide constructive feedback, to resolve conflicts and to coach and mentor. Without these skills and a ...

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Do’s and Don’ts of being a Successful Credit Professional

The speaker has 30 years of experience managing and directing Credit teams working in both Public and Private organizations, six in total. During this time the experiences he has had with reviewing employees, terminating employees, developing dysfunctional dep ...

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How to Avoid Hiring Victims, Liars, Bullies, and Saboteurs

There are no groups of individuals who cause more trouble in a workplace than the bullies, the liars, the passive- aggressive people and the saboteurs. Those four types of people will run ethical, hardworking and talented people right out the door of an organi ...

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Workplace Harassment Prevention: What Managers Need to Know

Everyone who manages people needs to fully understand the implication of workplace harassment from a supervisory perspective. Making sure that every manager in your company is properly trained regarding the risks of workplace harassment and that they are well- ...

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Credit Discipline Tools for Building and Maintaining a Strong Credit Culture

This session offers you a 14-point diagnostic evaluation to determine whether your organization has the elements necessary to support a strong credit culture.  

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2019 Payroll Tax Update: New Forms and Requirements Explained

This webinar is designed to help the participant to know updates for 2018 necessary to stay in compliance with the IRS. Did you know that penalties for information returns have been updated and can cost your company money if W-2’s and the required ACA forms ar ...

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The Millennial Workforce: How Smart Companies Engage and Tap Their Entrepreneurial Energy

“The future belongs to individuals and companies who embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, whether that is inside or outside a company. The fundamental question is what is going to have people get motivated and inspired to make their highest contribution? What i ...