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NAICS Codes affects Lending Decision process

NAICS Code System designed to help lenders have a more efficient lending process for businesses' financial needs.

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Nacha NEW Rule on Meaningful Modernization – All the Details

Recent updates to help the ACH “user” experience with improvements and simplification by adopting new technologies and channels for the authorization and initiation of ACH payments.  Included was a reduction to the barriers when using the ACH Network by provid ...

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Social Media Risks, Rules, Policies and Procedures: Best Practices to Minimize Risks, Manage Use and Maximize Legal and Regulatory Compliance

This social media training program with Nancy Flynn will reveal how a best practices-based policy and compliance management program can help mitigate risks, manage behavior, and maximize compliance. It will discuss means and methods to recognize and manage soc ...

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Auditing Purchasing Contracts

Contract management activities include administering and monitoring contracts/purchase orders after the award and during implementation. The objectives of a contracts audit are to determine the following: To determine whether the procurement process is a ...

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AML/BSA Basics, Compliance and Current Issues

Money laundering continues to be a national concern.  High levels of drug-related activity and violence have drawn additional attention In the form of the AML Act of 2022.  The Act will up the power of Fincen and change their role in im[lamenting Customer Due ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Jim George
  • Feb 02, 2022
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Forecasting When Nothing Will Ever Be Like Before

A commonplace to start with is that deterministic systems can be forecasted, and then all what is uncertain can be compared to dice throwing, and belongs to the world of stochastics. Give somebody a hammer, and everything will seem to him like a nail. However, ...

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W-2 and W-4 Update and Best Practices

Learn the latest updates on Form W-4 and Form W-2 wage and withholding reporting.  This webinar will prepare your staff for this filing year, improve your employee reporting set-up and maintenance practices, and reduce your risk of complaints from the IRS. Exp ...

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R10 vs R11 - Unauthorised Returns – Are You in Compliance?

To ensure compliance with the NACHA Operating Rules, the RDFI must be aware of the options when returning unauthorized Returns and the ODFI aware of the different Return Reason Codes and what they mean. In this 90-minute session, the trainer will cover all th ...

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E-Sign Act

The E-Sign Act has been around for a period of years, but due to our evolving culture, amendments have been added to keep up the technology. We will review the historical perspective and then look to the future and what it holds. Also, due to COVID, the need f ...

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Costly Mistakes to Avoid on Commercial Loan Documentation

When lenders make costly errors on commercial loan documentation, it will cause delays in the closing process, delays for funding distribution, and a poor customer experience.