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Don’t Get In Trouble: Avoid Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Bullying And Abuse

This one hour course is designed for all employees in your organization. It is intended to help employees learn how to behave appropriately in today’s workplace. It has become clear that complaints are being made and honored about behaviors that in the past h ...

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Key Tips for Engaging Adult Learners

Adult learners are fundamentally different in their methods of learning in comparison with children. The key is to accommodate these needs and work in a manner that is most effective and engaging for them.  As a trainer, you must design and deliver training i ...

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What Laws, Regulations and Policies Must Be Part of Your Employee Handbook in 2019?

Employees review the handbook when they are new employees coming onboard to company and when they are considering leaving the company or when they are considering suing the company.Employee handbooks have been a tool for Employers from small to large companies ...

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Taking Control of Workplace MA&DD-ness?: Mastering Media Addiction and Digital Distraction

It’s a TNT – Time-Numbers-Technology – Driven & Distracted Brave New World, when “Everything Happens NOW.”  While some see a half-full glass of unprecedented access and data, others perceive rampant “Infomania” – continuous stress and distraction caused by the ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Mark Gorkin
  • Apr 25, 2019
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Managing Managers: Creating a Culture of Accountability

Managing managers poses unique challenges, especially when it comes to cultivating a culture of accountability. The leadership team of any organization sets the tone for accountability – the actions of leaders determine whether the supervisors they manage feel ...

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Accounting and Finance for the Human Resources Professional

To strengthen the value of human resources in any company This course is designed to help you do just that HR professionals need to know the language of business and that includes the financial components that have traditionally measured business progress ...

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Teamwork in Action: Turning your Work group into an Outstanding Fire-Fighting Team

High performing teams are the backbones of successful, sustainable organizations. How well teams work together, communicate and resolve conflict can drive the success – or failure – of your company. Great teams are energizing and productive, delivering breakt ...

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No More Excuses! Unleash the Power of Accountable Communication

In this interactive session, attendees will learn how to unleash the power of accountable communication to stop the blame game, banish excuses and boost productivity. A single, powerful factor separates super-achieving teams from those that throw around phrase ...

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Manage a Multi-Generation in Today’s Workplace

The way we look at the workforce today is changing. There are many factors that are changing today’s workforce. We have a multi-generational workforce which requires many moving parts and also leads to generational differences in the workplace. For example the ...

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Working Toward an Engaged Versus Entitled Workplace Culture

Many leaders struggle to understand that happiness doesn’t equal engagement. Just because an employee is happy because they are provided what they ask for, doesn’t mean they are engaged. Entitlement and accountability are two-way streets between leaders and em ...