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Mastering Excel: Avoiding Obstacles and Frustrating Quirks

In this enlightening webcast, Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, focuses on some of Excel’s idiosyncrasies that can trip you up. For example, problems can arise when someone using a newer version of Excel shares a workbook with you (or vice versa), or features ...

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Who’s In Charge Here : The Salesperson or The Prospect

Do you think that sales people understand that they are the ones in charge during a sales meeting, or is the prospect The fact is, you as a sales person can create and direct the conversation anyway that you want You can ask quests, be quite or even aggres ...

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Supply Chain and Product Compliance Using RoHS, REACH, and Conflict Minerals

The European Union and the United States are leading the world in product regulations focused on environmental compliance and ethical sourcing. Compliance is mandatory in order to continue manufacturing, shipping, and selling products in Europe and the U.S. It ...

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Tactical Planning with Demand Driven S&OP

DDS&OP is a bi-directional tactical reconciliation hub in a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) Model between the strategic (annual, quarterly and monthly) and operational (hourly, daily and weekly) relevant ranges of decision making. DDS&OP sets key para ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 75 Mins
  • Carol Ptak
  • May 02, 2019
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Automation and the Impact on the Workplace

If you aren’t prepared, you’ll find out the hard way that your employment will change dramatically in the future. But those that are prepared will reap the rewards of advancing along with the technology.

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Data Integrity and Privacy: compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, SaaS/Cloud, EU GDPR

Details the requirements for Part 11 and Annex 11: SOPs, software product features, infrastructure qualification, and validation This highly interactive training uses life examples and explores proven techniques for reducing costs, usually by two-thirds, as ...

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Popular Excel formulas and Functions and How to use them

Excel has many built-in functions that help you deal with that data It is very important that you know how to use some of these functions to get the most out of your data in a time efficient manner In this webinar, you will learn how to use some of the mos ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Tom Fragale
  • May 06, 2019
Live Webinar

Teamwork in Action: Turning your Work group into an Outstanding Fire-Fighting Team

High performing teams are the backbones of successful, sustainable organizations. How well teams work together, communicate and resolve conflict can drive the success – or failure – of your company. Great teams are energizing and productive, delivering breakt ...

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The Future of Tax Function: Artificial Intelligence

Prepare for the future of tax record keeping, tax audits and tax function with this topic that dives into Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are improving - constantly - and it's going to change the tax f ...

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How to Develop a Successful Business Continuity Audit Program that Will Help Ensure Your Program is Compliant and Effective

Successful business continuity planning : Involves the entire organization  Requires clear and consistent communication  Encompasses how employees will communicate, where they will go and how they will keep doing their jobs Prepares the organization for ...