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Establishing Appropriate Quality Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Establishing appropriate Quality Assurance metrics is important for several reasons.  Metrics not only measure the health of your quality system, they have the ability to change behavior, drive quality culture and improve both individual and company performanc ...

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Analytical Method Validation and Transfer

This course provides guidance on how to perform QC analytical test method validations and transfers. One of the most critical factors in developing and marketing pharmaceutical drug substances and drug products is ensuring that the analytical methods used for ...

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Risk Based Design Control Requirements and Industry Best Practices for Medical Devices

This course will explain how to manage a design program that will meet FDA requirements and minimize chances of your medical device being recalled. ISO 13485 has almost identical requirements. Such a program will also help to get projects completed on time and ...

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The 6 Most Common Problems in FDA Software Validation and Verification

This training on FDA software validation and verification will provide you with the best practices necessary to ensure that all systems are validated in compliance with FDA regulations.

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Human Error and Management Systems: Designing Errors Out

If you work in the GMP regulated industry, you not only need to address human error deviations because they are an inconvenience, but you must also do it because the regulation requires it. The CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Subpart B_Organization ...

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How to Prepare for and Conduct a Regulatory Audit

In this Regulatory Audit training participants will gain an understanding of how to prepare for and audit, strategies to conduct and support a successful audit, and ways to respond to audit observations. Special consideration will be given to virtual audits as ...

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The Importance of Packaging and Labeling in Pharmaceutical Product Development

Occupying a critical position in the success or failure of any pharmaceutical product launch or revision, Packaging and Labeling form a bridge between the conception of a product and its realization and distribution. Their activities are also crucial for compl ...

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Virtual Assets AML

During this webinar, we will review recent changes to the ACH rules and also discuss upcoming changes that might impact your organization or specifically, your role. Course Objectives: The foundation of ACH and Nacha Understand the rules created by Nacha ...

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Safety Department of One - How to be Effective as a Single Entity

Being a Safety Department of One can present unique challenges when it comes to managing an effective Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) program. This webinar is designed to provide you with valuable tips, insights, and strategies to overcome these challeng ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Joe Keenan
  • Jul 03, 2023
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Data Integrity for Analytical Laboratories

Data integrity observations are of paramount importance. Because the observations are categorized as Major in nature. This training will help to understand laboratory personnel, chemist, reviewers, and the personnel related to the laboratory department (QA, QC ...