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Project Management for Administrative Professionals

Today Administrative Professionals perform many operations once performed by specialists. These activities are actually “projects.” Because management doesn’t recognize these assignments as projects, few Administrative Professionals receive training or tools t ...

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Quiet Quitting: How to Spot It, Stop It and Quickly Re-Engage & Re-Energize Your Workforce

Quiet quitting has become a new buzzword in the workplace. What does it mean, how did this trend get started and what do you need to do to avoid having it negatively affect you organization? When someone "quietly quits," they don’t resign from their job – but ...

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Emergency Action Plans - What to do in case of fire, inclement weather, etc.

Having an effective Emergency Response Plan can make the difference between life and death in an emergency.  What would you do in case of a fire, flood, tornado, etc.?  Do you and your Employees know what to do?  Do you have written Emergency Response Plans in ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Joe Keenan
  • Jun 13, 2023
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How to Plan and Hold Productive 1:1 Employee Feedback Meetings

Looking to build strong supervisor/employee relationships with each of your employees while also managing to peak performance? Implementing 1:1 feedback sessions can help you do just that, as long as you approach them in a constructive way that your employees ...

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There’s no federal law that requires employee job descriptions. Yet, when you know how to write them well and keep them up to date, these documents have significant practical and legal payoffs. They smooth the hiring process. They outline clear expectations fo ...

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Your Employees are Organizing a Union!

Managers and Supervisors are taken to task every day in managing their Non represented employees. It is important for them to learn the Initial warning signs of Union Organizing long before a Union gets the appropriate number of signed Authorization Cards and ...

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Management Skills for New Managers

New supervisors will be ready to hit the ground running with the skills learned in this Webinar. Be ready to take on any challenge, be your best and put what you’ve learned into practice immediately. You will learn the skills you need to plan, prioritize and ...

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Garnishment Update 2023

A better understanding of the employer's responsibilities Defines how to properly calculate Garnishment deductions. According to the law or the order or a little bit of both? Understanding lump sum reporting requirements and how to comply with Proper order of ...

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Workplace Compliance Trends 2023: Staying Ready for What’s Next

Specific guidance on federal laws, postings, documentation, and employee expectations. Understand policies and procedures and proper communication.  As laws evolve, so should your organization. With the dramatic changes in laws and regulations, this training ...

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Creating The Workplace Culture You Desire: Start With The Rules Of Engagement

Wisdom goes that you get what you tolerate. Culture can’t be mandated. Rather, you have to nurture and be intentional about it. Companies with a strong corporate culture tend to see less stressed employees, which helps boost both employee engagement and improv ...