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Tips and Techniques for Conducting an Effective Fraud Risk Assessment

Learning Objectives:  To provide the participants with in-depth knowledge and experience of:   Fraud detection strategies Information Technology Reporting lines (Whistle-Blowers) Auditing - surprise audits, internal and external Theoretical and legal is ...

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Withholding Computations for Unusual Circumstances to Avoid Under-withheld Tax Penalties

Employer federal income tax withholding is intended to collect, throughout the year, the approximate amount of the employee’s tax for the year. The wage bracket and percentage methods are the primary methods for computing the amount to withhold, but sometimes ...

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Usability Engineering Under IEC 62366

ANSI/AAMI/IEC 62366 is a Recognized Consensus Standard by the US FDA and a harmonized standard in the EU.  This means that compliance with it provides a presumption of conformity to the requirements within those jurisdictions. Compliance with the standard help ...

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Risk Management in the Age of Climate Change

Taking an agnostic approach Beyond denial The COPs and other illusions The economic notion of the need GDP maximization Profit maximization

Live Webinar

Internal Controls in Accounts Payable

This webinar will equip attendees with an understanding of the components of Accounts Payable and the internal controls required within the acquisition process.

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Understanding Accounting for Non - Accounting Professionals

This webinar will equip attendees with the basic understanding necessary to understand the organization’s accounting and reporting structure.

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Outsourcing Software Development for Medical Devices

This webinar will discuss the skillsets to look for when outsourcing, how to know if the work is compliant (without having to be an expert in software development), how to manage outsourced development, and your responsibilities throughout the product lifecycl ...

Live Webinar

Risk Management Revisited with Game Theory

A few highlights about transactions practice Prisoners and pirates games A topic shared between advanced academics and dodgy salespeople The beauty of triumvirates When the sum of interests does not equal the interest of sums

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AML Red Flags – Signs of Money Laundering

Most bankers will only run into a few actual money laundering cases in their careers.  Thus, they are looking for money laundering but have very limited knowledge of what money laundering looks like and how to spot it.  To address this difficulty, I have devel ...

Recorded Webinar

EFT Act and Regulation E In 2022

On December 13, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau updated its FAQs on electronic fund transfers. You must incorporate this guidance as you set your 2022 policies and procedures.