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Learn To Use and Harness ChatGPT Plugins for Enhanced HR & Management Efficiency

In this illuminating hands-on session, delve into the diverse applications of ChatGPT plugins tailored for HR and management, aimed at amplifying efficiency and fostering productivity. Dive into plugins that transform ChatGPT into a comprehensive HR assistant, ...

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome You are NOT a Fraud

Imposter Syndrome is the feeling where we feel that we don’t deserve the position of responsibility that we have. Often find it difficult to take pride in our achievements and have the feeling that we are a ‘fraud’. 

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Performance Reviews that Build Loyalty

In this webinar you will recognize the importance of having a positive performance appraisal process in place in your organization. In this webinar you will learn to: Assess your skill at clearly stating expectations Set consequences for non-performance ...

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Intelligent Slide Design

We will delve into the five essential design principles inspired by the renowned expert, David JP Phillips. In an era where effective communication is paramount, these principles offer invaluable guidance to transform your presentations from mundane to mesmeri ...

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Time Management

In this brain-science based course, we will provide tools and techniques to help you maximize your time and use it wisely-as the precious commodity it is. You will learn to adopt a “planning to plan” mindset and incorporate new organizational and effectiveness ...

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OSHAs Focus 4 Safety Hazards Unveiled: Safeguarding Lives, Safeguarding Compliance

In the realm of workplace safety, OSHA has identified the formidable "Focus 4" Safety Hazards: Falls, Caught In or Between, Struck By Hazards, and Electrocution. These high-hazard activities hold the potential to cause grave harm or even fatality w ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Joe Keenan
  • Dec 13, 2023
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Multi-State Tax Issues

Understanding how to calculate tax for employees in 2 or more states can be confusing.  Plus what state laws for payroll need to be followed when employing employees in more than one state?   To better understand the laws in each state and the tax guidance o ...

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Navigating Employee Terminations with Legal Acumen and Respect

Mastering the Art of Employee Termination: Balancing Legalities and Respect. In this immersive webinar, we explore the complexities of legally compliant and respectful employee dismissals in the USA. This training is designed to equip managers with crucial sk ...

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Dynamic Arrays in Excel: Unleash the Potential of Excel Formulas

Discover the game-changing power of dynamic arrays in Excel. In this concise and insightful session, learn the essential skills to leverage Excel's full formula potential. Dynamic array formulas empower us to return multiple results from a single formula and ...

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Creating The Workplace Culture You Desire: Start With The Rules Of Engagement

Wisdom goes that you get what you tolerate. Culture can’t be mandated. Rather, you have to nurture and be intentional about it. Companies with a strong corporate culture tend to see less stressed employees, which helps boost both employee engagement and improv ...