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How to Plan and Hold Productive 1:1 Employee Feedback Meetings

Looking to build strong supervisor/employee relationships with each of your employees while also managing to peak performance? Implementing 1:1 feedback sessions can help you do just that, as long as you approach them in a constructive way that your employees ...

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Workplace Compliance Trends 2023: Staying Ready for What’s Next

Specific guidance on federal laws, postings, documentation, and employee expectations. Understand policies and procedures and proper communication.  As laws evolve, so should your organization. With the dramatic changes in laws and regulations, this training ...

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Cryptocurrency Taxation

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have been getting headlines for years now, first because of their increasing value, and lately because of a crash in value. Yet, few business professionals can grasp the intricacies, opportunities, and challenges ...

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The Importance of Packaging and Labeling in Pharmaceutical Product Development

Occupying a critical position in the success or failure of any pharmaceutical product launch or revision, Packaging and Labeling form a bridge between the conception of a product and its realization and distribution. Their activities are also crucial for compl ...

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Supplier Risk Management

Today’s global supply chains are increasingly complex, and disruptions are a common occurrence.  A current example is the congestion that plagues many ports, resulting in shipment delays.  The disruptions are driven by a variety of events, including labor disp ...

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Assertive Communication: Discerning between Assertiveness and Aggressiveness

Assertiveness training is highly useful in today’s workplace due to the symbiotic relationship between assertiveness (or unassertiveness called passivity) and self-esteem, healthy interpersonal relationships, and reaching personal goals. Assertive people kno ...

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Business Ethics – Professionalism 101

Business Ethics in this course is reviewed following the 5 W’s + H.  What, Where, Why, When, Who, and How?  Through examples, case studies, and resource material, we review an overall look at business ethics, examining what it is, who it applies to when to dem ...

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Being Seen as a Human Resource Strategic Business Partner

The role of the HR business partner is more important than ever, now that there are more demands on HR to add value. And more leaders are realizing that by making better use of their employees, they can better achieve the profitability goals of the business. ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Pete Tosh
  • Jun 28, 2023
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Motivating Your Team – BRUHA Principles

Every employee has their own motivational buttons, but some are harder to identify than others.  This course will help you pinpoint how you can better motivate your team to achieve great results.  With the use of the BRUHA principles guiding your understanding ...

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Recognizing Depression In Your Team During COVID-19 For Better Mental Health and Well-Being

With just over one in ten adults experiencing Depression, at some point in their life, we are seeing that this crisis is making it even more difficult for many of our employees to effectively carry on. For those that are coping with the blues and Depression, ...