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Interviewing Skills for Supervisors: Keys to Conducting Effective Candidate Interviews

Whether you are new to the hiring process or if you’re a seasoned manager or HR practitioner, you’re sure to find the powerful tips and techniques you’ll learn from Interviewing Strategies: Essential Skills for Hiring Managers to be helpful, effective, and dif ...

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Outstanding Leadership Through Social Intelligence

Identify where your leadership skills can most benefit from improving your social intelligence Learn best practices for using social intelligence in leadership contexts Discover how truly outstanding leaders use social intelligence to achieve their leaders ...

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How can We Win at Trial Without the Proof: Why Employment Record Keeping is Everything!

In this session we will reverse engineer the process. We will look at problems that arise in the courtroom when defence attorneys do not have the proper documents to defend the company, and what goes right when they do have the proper documents. Through this p ...

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Payroll Compliance Update: New Laws and Required Changes in 2019

The webinar will also include any necessary state updates, including some minimum wage changes Payroll professionals and teams must have the most updated information for payroll to be compliant and correct The webinar will discuss 2019 limits for 401k, IRA ...

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Shadow Payroll of U.S. International Employees

If you are a global company deploying and maintaining talent around the world, this topic is for you Gain a better perspective of how to use shadow payroll to make your global company more cost efficient Many human resources and payroll professionals are f ...

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Revising Your Campus Policies to Comply with Title IX, OCR, the Clery Act - Legal and Practical Considerations

Sexual violence, including harassment and rape, often goes underreported on university and college campuses. But even when higher education institutions are informed of sexual misconduct, they too often fail to abide by Title IX and the Clery Act laws in addre ...

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Identifying Issues Involving Clients With Diminished Mental Capacity and/or Who May Be Unduly Influenced by Others

How to identify persons who potentially lack the requisite mental capacity to engage in specific transactions How to identify persons who are potentially acting under the undue influence of others in engaging in specific transactions How to protect yoursel ...

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Diversity in the Workplace

This webinar explains Creating a positive culture of acceptance and inclusion includes understanding how to tap into the hidden power of employees’ differences and create a work environment where everyone thrives. Diversity can  be the root of conflict in the ...

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Moving From Peer to Supervisor: Supervisor 101

Moving from Peer to Supervisor can be very challenging.  This session will provide participants with best practices on how to transition, what to expect and some best practices to win your team over.

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Crash Course in Canadian Employment

This webcast is creatively designed to provide you with important employment information when carrying on business north of the border HR Options, Inc. will provide cross-border human resource and employment tips Provide essential information to give you a ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Stacy Glass
  • Mar 28, 2019