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Live Webinar

Review of the COSO Framework

This course is designed to review the COSO Framework for Internal Controls. The course will cover the five components of the COSO Framework: the control environment, control activities, information & communication, risk assessment and monitoring. We will discu ...

Live Webinar

Controller Challenges in Changing Times

The turbulent ever changing and the technology driven world of business requires changing and evolving roles for Controllers. The changing focus is more on the soft side of the business rather than accounting & reporting. It is more about people pleasing than ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Carl Young
  • May 09, 2019
Live Webinar

A look at Flood Insurance during Natural Disasters

Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States. It's also the most expensive, costing homeowners, insurers and the government billions each year. If most of your customer’s wealth is tied up in their house, they may be risking financial ruin ...

Live Webinar

How Blockchain and Cryptocurrency May Change Your Business Model

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are being discussed heavily in the technology and regulatory communities. But for the common business owner, it’s hard to determine what is hype and what is real Are blockchain and cryptocurrency really going to change business ...

Live Webinar

Back Up Your Cash Flow with Secondary Repayment Sources - Collateral and Guarantees

Not all assets are created equal at liquidation because they differ in degree of liquidity, marketability, and security, and we differentiate these inequalities by setting loan-to-value ratios and their potential losses given default  Bankers want a borrowi ...

Recorded Webinar

GAAP Update: New Revenue Recognition Rules – Getting Ready for Implementation and Beyond

Compliance with the new ASC 606/IFRS 15 revenue from contracts with customers accounting standard is just around the corner. The new standard introduces significant changes regarding how revenue is recognized, and therefore the risk of revenue related challeng ...

Recorded Webinar

Forensic Accounting: Fraud Investigation Engagements

This course is designed to cover the steps of the fraud engagement starting with the determination whether a fraud investigation should be conducted, working with clients and attorneys, gathering and analyzing evidence, completing an engagement report, and tes ...

Recorded Webinar

Advanced Tax Return Analysis

This webinar will provide the bankers with several advanced tax return concepts and related analyses to help them work with their business customers more effectively.

Recorded Webinar

Internal Controls for Accounts Payable

This webinar training will explain the process of internal controls in account payable operation as per COSO framework, why it is required and how to effectively implement it across organisation. Participants will learn how to master internal AP controls : pre ...

Recorded Webinar

Intensive Introduction of the New IRC Section 199A

Section 199A became effective on January 1, 2018. It provides millions of owners of pass-through businesses with federal income tax deductions of up to 20% of their net business income. For many of these business owners, maximizing their Section 199A deduction could ...