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Preventing Harassment in the Workplace

Wherever people work together and share common interests, close personal relationships can develop. Personal situations, conflicts, biases and perceptions between coworkers can create workplace difficulties and legal issues for many organizations and their HR ...

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US Sanctions

During this webinar, we will go over the details and review the current regulations. Also, we will go over how the process works, who is impacted, and why.

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ADA Accommodation and Compliance: What should the Process between Employer and Employee should look like?

This webinar explores the issue of what should the process be between employer and employee when trying to accommodate individuals with disabilities while complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Harold Levy
  • Oct 02, 2023
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Creating A Culture Of Trust: Understanding Others Before Being Understood

Trust is at the very core of sound business relationships. Intrinsic to trust is the expectation that all will act in a way that is mutually beneficial, meaning that trust is a critical component of effective leadership. Trust breeds stronger working relations ...

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Elevate Your Workplace Wellness: 10 Critical Wellness Factors

This webinar aims to educate individuals about the impact of workplace wellness on their overall well-being and productivity. It will raise awareness about the importance of workplace wellness and the potential benefits it can bring to personal and professiona ...

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How to Use Excel Pivot Tables

In just one fast-paced and informative training session, you'll learn how to use PivotTables better to sort, filter, and subtotal your data more efficiently create multiple customized reports in a few easy steps and gain a powerful new tool to help you make be ...

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Why EBITDA Doesn’t Spell Cash Flow and What Does?

The challenge here is to explain what we mean when we say cash flow. In recent decades bankers have seen several top contenders for the cash flow definitional sweepstakes—traditional cash flow, operating cash flow, and EBITDA. The ascendant definition has been ...

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Fair Housing and LGBTQ

We will review best practices. This is important for landlords to understand to keep them from doing something that will result in a fair housing violation.

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Banks and Identity Theft

Financial identity theft occurs when someone uses another consumer’s personal information (name, social security number, etc.) with the intent of conducting multiple transactions to commit fraud that results in substantial harm or inconvenience to the victim.  ...

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The 1099 & W-9 Update - Complying with IRS Information Reporting

For years the IRS has struggled with the independent contractor and tax collection. In assessing opportunities to close the tax gap (taxes due but not reported or paid), one of the greatest opportunities comes from expanding the information reporting on taxpay ...