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Risk Management for Human Resources

Risk is part of life whether you are developing a new orientation program or planning a vacation. No project or endeavor ever goes off completely as planned. Glitches, whether large or small, can derail your work if you are unprepared. Planning to manage risks ...

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DiSC® Workplace® – Working Better Together

Comprehend the 4 basic types of people Gain a general understanding of DiSC® personality styles Narrow down your own personality Better understand others Learn tips for better relations with others

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Successfully Dealing With Difficult People: The 5 Most Difficult Types of People And How To Effectively Approach Them

How can you resolve conflicts less painfully, delegate critical tasks more efficiently, energize your employees and transform resistance into support? Adjusting your management and personal styles to complement the culture of your work group and your company ...

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How to Collaboratively Establish (and Get Buy-in for) Team Communication Ground Rules

Effective communication is an essential ingredient for team productivity and cohesiveness. As the manager or leader of a team, you can’t force them to work well together or expect that everyone on the team will buy-in to ground rules that you establish in your ...

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Strategic Interviewing & Selection: Getting the Right Talent on Your Team

Few managers would disagree with the idea that their Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection process significantly impacts all aspects of their organization’s performance - including its profitability. Organizations need quality candidates and managers need to ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Pete Tosh
  • Mar 24, 2023
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Hidden Secrets Of Sales And Marketing

I used to Charge $10,000 a Day to Teach People These Same Strategies … People Who were Earning A Million Dollars Or More Per Year … and Wanted to Earn 10, 20, 30 Million A Year or More! These Skills & Insights will Completely Transform How You Look at & Do Sal ...

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HR Auditing - Important Issues For 2023

HR audits are designed to help your organization focus its attention on its human resource management practices, policies, procedures, processes, and outcomes by providing you with a structured and systematic series of questions about key compliance, risk mana ...

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Stay Interviews: A Powerful and Low-Cost Employee Engagement and Retention Tool

  A recent LinkedIn news article titled "Exit Interview, Meet Stay Interview” states: “Scores of people are leaving jobs for greener pastures. That's a lot of exit interviews. While the Great Reshuffle is upon us, and looks to continue well in to 2023, a new ...

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Using Behaviour Based Interviewing for Finding the Best Match for the Job

Regardless of skill, hiring a person who is a bad fit is the wrong decision. In fact, traditional interviewing predicts future success by only 10%. With a bad fit, the employee is never going to reach optimum performance, or be fully engaged, and they are like ...

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Do's and Don'ts of Documenting Employee Behavior, Performance, and Discipline

The absence of solid documentation is the single most common mistake employers make when handling employee performance, behavior, and discipline issues. Not properly documenting, or not documenting at all, can hurt employers and employees in several ways. Doc ...