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Nurse to Nurse Bullying - A Sepsis in Healthcare - SHRM & HRCI Accredited

Nurse to nurse bullying threatens the safety and well-being of patients and nurses.The misconduct is a major problem to all nurses and causing 60% of new nurses to leave their first nursing position and 1 in 3 nurses to quit the profession.Sometimes the bullyi ...

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Ten Keys for Maximizing the Benefits of your Measurement Systems Assessments

The effective use of data to drive decision making requires adequate measurement systems. When interpreting data or the results of data analysis, we assume that data or results represent the process. However, excessive measurement error may result in inappropr ...

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Excel Spreadsheets: Ensuring Data Integrity and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

This interactive webinar explains how to configure and validate a GxP compliant spreadsheet applications to avoid FDA 483s. Follow the step-by-step instructions as we configure Excel for audit trails, security features, and data entry verification. Understand ...

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Dealing with Difficult People - SHRM & HRCI Accredited

Let's be honest here you probably have people in your life that if they would just go away! your life would be easier? Interacting with them is exhausting and frustrating - even thinking about interacting with them is discouraging and causes you to despair the ...

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How to Have Brave Conversations about Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

As HR professionals, we all want to play a role in helping our workplace to improve diversity and inclusion (D&I). But that can be a difficult task. How do you create an environment where our differences are celebrated? How do you change long-held beliefs and ...

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How to Write and Adopt HIPAA Policies and Procedures

The webinar, given by an expert HIPAA consultant, author, attorney, and expert witness, will begin an introduction stressing the importance of complying with the requirement to write and adopt policies and procedures, both those expressly stated and those that ...

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World Class Program for Smartly Managing FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act)

FDA implemented the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in 2016 with many organizations still not fully compliant. FSMA places primary responsibility on owners and operators of food facilities to control hazardous risks. This course will examine the impor ...

  • Basic & Advanced
  • 60 Mins
  • Gina Reo
  • Aug 11, 2020
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Vendor Qualification in Pharma Industry

This webinar will provide insights on building sustainable vendor qualification program specific to the FDA regulated industries. Will shed light on the importance of Vendor qualification and on each and every step involved in the process and the risk assessme ...

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Forecasting with Excel’s Powerful Sensitivity Tools

Financial analysis is an area of opportunity and risk.Analysis should incorporate tests of sensitivity to changes in key variables using the most advanced tools available.Typical financial models do not effectively utilize these tools.This exposes the analyst ...

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Workplace Mentoring 101: How to Be an Effective Mentor

This course covers essential skills and best practices focused on teaching participants how to be a good mentor in the workplace. It is appropriate both for peer mentors and managers/supervisors and other leaders whose roles involve mentoring.