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Cross Sell & Upsell - Best Practices

Showing Best Practice for cost-effective marketing with the Process of Identifying our best goals on who are the ideal targets with the correct product with the identifiable average balance to allow it to be profitable. Once we have decided on those items we n ...

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MS Excel: Charts and Graphs for HR Professionals

"Every Picture Tells a Story" is a popular saying which is true not only in everyday life but in Excel too. Behind your set of numerical data is a story waiting to be told. The telling of this story needs to be to-the-point, easy to understand and engaging. Da ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Mike Thomas
  • Feb 27, 2019
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Early Warning Signs of Construction Claims & Dispute

It is axiomatic that claims and disputes on a project do not simply appear out of nowhere.Experience indicates that when a dispute occurs, there is normally a back story or history of events, decisions, lack of decisions, etc. that can be traced back from a fe ...

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Technical Writing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Technical writing in the Pharmaceutical Industry is a highly specialized field. Technical writing differs from general correspondence in that it is written for a specific audience. Technical writing is a balancing act between being precise enough to cover the ...

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Mastering Excel: Avoiding Obstacles and Frustrating Quirks

In this enlightening webcast, Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, focuses on some of Excel’s idiosyncrasies that can trip you up. For example, problems can arise when someone using a newer version of Excel shares a workbook with you (or vice versa), or features ...

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Identifying Information Security Risks in the Supply Chain

Firms typically design and deploy supply chain process integration for achieving specific objectives; while simultaneously, inscribing best-practice solutions to reduce the risk of inappropriate responses to environmental conditions. Frequently, creating value ...

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Critical Thinking - Skills and Competencies Needed to Succeed in Today’s Workplace

This webinar will explore the role of critical thinking in decision making, problem-solving and setting goals related to one’s career. It will look at the definition of critical thinking as well as the importance of critical thinking in finding a job and being ...

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C for Yourselves the 5 C’s of Credit

The first four C’s—capacity, conditions, collateral, and character- evaluate a borrower’s ability to repay, but character forces the lender to examine closely the borrower’s willingness to repay.  

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Process Capability Assessment for Normal and Non-Normal Data

Companies must assure that their processes are capable of producing products and services that consistently meet customer specifications. This webinar discusses methods for estimating process capability for both normal and non-normal data. Pre-requisites for e ...

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“Virtual Team” – How to Manage People Effectively in Multiple Locations

Every manager knows that the best and fastest way to learn a new skill is through practice. That’s why we’ve packed this hard-hitting workshop with powerful exercises, models,and case studies specifically designed for managers of multiple locations. This is a ...