Excel What-if-Analysis decision-making tools


90  Mins


Basic & Intermediate & Advanced

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  • Goal-Seek.
  • Data-Table.
    • One-Way Data Table.
    • Two-Ways Data Table.
    • Using Scroll Bars.
  • Case Study.

Overview of the webinar

The objective of this workshop is to cover the What-if Analysis set of decision-making tools. It enables the user to investigate what is the impact of input changes on outputs. This allows the decision-maker to make wiser choices for an optimal outcome.

Who should attend?

Excel users that need advanced tools for and decision making. These topics were taught by the presenter in the executive MBA programs, where the attendees did not have a solid quantitative background.

Why should you attend?

The workshop is about the What-if Analysis - a set of Excel’s decision-making tools. These tools enable the user to investigate what is the impact of input changes on correlated outputs. It allows the decision-maker to make wiser choices. The two topics covered are the Goal Seek and the Data Table - Sensitivity Analysis. You will learn how to use these features for any of your models (budgets, forecasts or other disciplines) – to be able to understand what is the impact of changes of these models. These tools  empower the users to evaluate and examine their decision models – potentially reaching better decisions. The chapter covers the Goal Seek and the Sensitivity Analysis tools.

The two topics used frequently for this matter are:

  • Goal Seek
  • Data Table -Sensitivity Analysis

Goal-Seek, the first tool, allows the analyst to check the impact of one variable input’s change on a target output. The user determines a goal - and the tool shows the user what has to be changed to achieve that goal.

Data-Table is a Sensitivity Analysis tool. The analyst can change one or two inputs (One-Way and Two-Way Data Tables) and find out the impact of making small incremental input changes in one or two variables on the outputs.

Faculty - Dr.Isaac Gottlieb

For more than 25 years Dr. Isaac Gottlieb has been teaching Excel workshops for MBA students in a number of universities, including, Columbia, NYU, Rutgers and others in the US and other countries.  In addition, he taught courses of Management Science and Statistics for Managers (always) using Excel. Over 100,000 students have attended his workshops and courses over the past 25 years.

He received the Microsoft MVP – Most Valuable Professional – award for the years 2014-6. “A Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) is an award for individuals who have exhibited exceptional technical expertise and a talent for sharing knowledge within their technical community.”  (From Microsoft’s site.)

Isaac Gottlieb has taught how to use Excel—and how to apply it effectively to various business disciplines—to thousands corporate professionals from leading multinational companies as well as small private business corporations. Among them are Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Caterpillar, Vornado, El-Al Airlines, Microsoft, Intel, Boeing, NCR, Chrysler, Sealed Air, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, 3M, H-P, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation.


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