Managing Difficult Employee Conversations

  • 9
  • September 2024
  • 08:00 AM PDT | 11:00 AM EDT

    Duration:  60  Mins


Basic & Intermediate

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  • Define speaking assertively.
  • What makes difficult conversations “difficult” for you.
  • Emotions, Attitudes and Mindsets before during and after holding difficult conversations.
  • Manage body language.
  • Ask the right questions at the right time.
  • Recognize words and their impact during a difficult conversation.
  • Have a strategy and structure to establish the purpose of a difficult conversation in order to find common ground.
  • Stay in control of the conversation throughout.
  • Suspend judgements for better understanding.
  • Understand intent and focus of the conversation for successful win win outcomes.
  • Learn about active listening.
  • Paraphrase and clarify what was heard.

Overview of the webinar

The ability to handle crucial and difficult conversations effectively, where one is required to be mindful of one’s thoughts, emotions, impulses, words, voice, and facial expressions is crucial for Managers and Leaders. The lack of attention to one’s communication during important conversations can turn out to be a costly mistake.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone who is facing a difficult conversation and would like to develop the knowledge and skills to tackle it confidently and effectively.

Why should you attend?

Communication can become a challenge and an emotionally charged event during performance evaluations, in times of crisis, change in the direction of the project, etc. 

Empower professionals to be in control of a difficult conversation at all stages of it so that they can achieve the desired outcome.

Faculty - Ms.Audrey Halpern

Audrey Halpern has had an exemplary 20+yr training facilitation/learning and development career. She develops custom soft skills employee programs, on-boarding and Trains the Trainer for a variety of industries.

She is an experienced Facilitator, instructional designer, and learning and development/HR and a Faculty member of AMA.

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