Telling stories with excel data

On-Demand Schedule Tue, April 16, 2024 - Tue, April 23, 2024
Duration 90 Mins
Level Basic & Advanced
Webinar ID IQW24A0122

Data Visualization:

  • Excel's charting and graphing tools.
  • Choosing appropriate visuals for effective storytelling.
  • Creating captivating data visualizations.

Interactivity and Exploration:

  • Using data slicers and filters for adaptability.
  • Dynamic storytelling for different audiences.

Advanced Techniques:

  • In-depth data analysis with PivotTables.
  • Trend visualization using Sparklines.

Design Aesthetics:

  • Visual design principles for clarity and engagement
  • Colour choices and layout considerations.

Story Flow and Structure:

  • Crafting a coherent narrative for logical progression.
  • Guiding the audience through insights and conclusions.

Real-World Applications:

  • Practical case studies and examples of successful data storytelling.

Ethical Considerations:

  • Discussion on responsible data representation and storytelling.

Overview of the webinar

During this engaging session, we will explore how to:

Prepare Your Data: Understand the significance of data cleanliness and organization. Learn to structure data effectively for analysis and storytelling.

Visualize Insights: Dive into Excel's versatile charting and graphing tools. Discover how to choose the right visuals to enhance your narrative and create captivating data visualizations.

Interact and Explore: Utilize Excel's features like data slicers and filters to add interactivity, allowing you to adapt your story to different audiences and scenarios.

Master Advanced Techniques: Explore PivotTables for in-depth data analysis, Sparklines for trend visualization enriching your storytelling arsenal.

Optimize Design: Understand the significance of visual design, colour, and layout in conveying your message effectively and engaging your audience.

Craft a Compelling Story: Learn the art of structuring a narrative that guides your audience through a logical progression of insights and conclusions.

Ethical Considerations: Discuss the ethical implications of data representation and storytelling to ensure your narratives are both impactful and responsible. 

This session is designed for professionals across industries, educators, and anyone looking to elevate their data storytelling skills. Whether you're presenting insights to stakeholders, making data-driven decisions, or teaching others, mastering the art of data storytelling with Excel will empower you to convey complex ideas with clarity, influence decisions, and leave a lasting impact. Join us in this illuminating session and unlock the transformative potential of data-driven storytelling with Microsoft Excel.

Who should attend?

Business Professionals: Managers, analysts, and decision-makers who need to communicate data-driven insights to stakeholders, clients, or teams.

Data Analysts and Scientists: Those responsible for analyzing data and translating it into actionable insights.

Educators and Trainers: Teachers, trainers, and educators looking to improve their data presentation skills to make learning more engaging and informative.

Marketers: Marketing professionals who want to leverage data to create compelling marketing campaigns and reports.

Researchers: Individuals in the field of research who need to present their findings effectively.

Entrepreneurs and Start-up Founders: Those looking to pitch their business ideas and performance to potential investors or partners.

Non-profit Organizations: Professionals working in non-profits who want to convey the impact of their programs and initiatives through data.

Anyone Interested in Data Storytelling: Individuals who are simply interested in improving their data storytelling skills for personal or professional growth.

Why should you attend?

Attend this session to unlock the transformative potential of Excel in storytelling. In a data-driven world, the ability to convey compelling narratives through numbers is a highly valuable skill. By attending, you will learn how to harness Excel's powerful features to turn raw data into engaging stories that inform, persuade, and captivate your audience.

This session will equip you with practical insights on data preparation, visualization, and presentation. You'll discover how to create visually appealing charts and dashboards, use conditional formatting effectively, and employ functions for data analysis. Furthermore, you'll gain an understanding of the art of structuring data narratives, enhancing data ethics, and ensuring data security.

Whether you're a business professional, analyst, educator, or anyone working with data, this session will empower you to elevate your storytelling game. Excel is more than just a spreadsheet tool; it's your gateway to crafting data stories that leave a lasting impact. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from experts and take your data storytelling skills to new heights. Join us and revolutionize the way you communicate with data.

Faculty - Ms.Terry Winship

On the professional front, Terry is an accomplished graduate from the University of Witwatersrand, holding a Bachelor of Commerce. She shines as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and notably, her company is the only South African establishment accredited by Microsoft to offer the esteemed "train the trainer" course. Terry's roles don't end here. She's also a TEDx coach, the City Coordinator for Pecha Kucha, and the Area Director for Toastmasters. Her expertise lies in mentoring corporate clients, helping them hone their presentation skills. She also provides comprehensive training on platforms such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, as well as on Canva, LinkedIn, and video editing, to name a few.


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