Active Listening For Successful Work Relationships

On-Demand Schedule Tue, April 16, 2024 - Tue, April 23, 2024
Duration 60 Mins
Level Basic & Intermediate
Webinar ID IQW23H0813

  • Identify the difference between ‘hearing’ and ‘listening’.
  • Using Questions for understanding to avoid misunderstanding.
  • Active listening principles including what is passive listening.
  • Having the right listening mindset during interactions with others using framing, positive intent, and focus.
  • Listen without judgment.
  • Identify your own listening challenges.
  • Introduce the H.U.R.I.E.R Model.
  • Listen to understand- accents and cross-cultural collaboration.
  • Learn to paraphrase- and restate for clarification.

Overview of the webinar

Active listening encompasses the best of communication, including listening to what others are saying, processing the information, and responding to it in order to clarify and elicit more information. This course will help participants develop and practice their active listening skills.

Who should attend?

  • Managers.
  • Team Leaders.
  • Supervisors.
  • Any professional who wants to improve their listening skills.

Why should you attend?

Making colleagues feel you are truly understanding not only their words but their personal point of view can change office dynamics in a profound way. Active listening has a way of making those you are communicating with feel valued and understood.

Faculty - Ms.Audrey Halpern

Audrey Halpern has had an exemplary 20+yr training facilitation/learning and development career. She develops custom soft skills employee programs, on-boarding and Trains the Trainer for a variety of industries.

She is an experienced Facilitator, instructional designer, and learning and development/HR and a Faculty member of AMA.


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