How to create an export compliance program under the Export Administration Regulations(EARs)

Duration 90 Mins
Level Basic & Intermediate
Webinar ID IQW19K1109

  • What are Export Controls?
  • What is subject to EARs?
  • How to create an export compliance program?
  • 9 elements of a strong export compliance program
  • US Agency Enforcement under EARs
  • Red flags
  • Penalties

Overview of the webinar

The US government regulates the export of information, commodities, technology, and software considered important to US in the interests of national security, economic competition, and foreign policy. Since the events of 9/11, US government enforcement has increased due to concerns about terrorism.Exporters need a customized, integrated export compliance program in order to manage their export decisions and to be compliant with the EARs. Penalties for violationof EAR are severe, including fines that can be as high as $250,000 per civil violation and $1,000,000 for criminal violations, as well as 20 years imprisonment per violation.

Who should attend?

  • Global Trade Compliance Professionals
  • Inside Counsel
  • Supply Chain Professionals
  • Security / Facilities Management
  • International Customer Service
  • Sales & Marketing
  • US Export Professionals
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Exporting Carriers
  • Consolidators
  • Global Logistics Professionals
  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers

Why should you attend?

This webinar will assist companies in establishing or enhancing an export compliance program, good export compliance practices, and be in compliance with the Export Administration Regulations. 

Faculty - Mr.Douglas Cohen

For more than 20 years, Mr. Douglas Cohen has been at the forefront of international trade and transactions.  With senior positions in private practice, the US Department of Commerce, the European Union, American Airlines, and the IATA, he has developed substantial expertise in import-export operations and compliance, international trade, global negotiations, and international contracts and transactions.
At present, he is a Senior Manager, Global Trade, and Contracts, at Worldwide Trade & Legal Consultants, where he provides legal and strategic advice to organizations seeking to enter or expand foreign markets. Mr. Cohen has been asked to teach his expertise at universities and corporate seminars on international business and law in the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


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