How To Manage Your Emotions During a Crisis

Duration 60 Mins
Webinar ID IQW20D0473
Level Basic & Intermediate

  • How to use self-coaching to shift your thoughts
  • Why your brain is hijacking you, and how to stop it
  • How to deal with certainty
  • A process to regain control of your life
  • How to shift from disempowered to empowered
  • How to become emotionally resilient

Overview of the webinar

Our brains are programmed to react to crisis and perceived threats in a very specific way. You’re probably experiencing that right now, but it doesn’t have to be that way – we can reprogram our brains, our thoughts and emotions. With so much that’s happening out of our control, focusing on what we can control is one way to reprogram our brains. Sounds complicated – its not. There are specific actions you can take right now that will reduce the anxiety, dread, worry, and feeling out of control. You will learn how to take back control of your brain and your emotions.

Who should attend?

  • Individual contributors
  • Employees at all levels of the organization
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Top-Level Managers
  • CEO’s
  • CMO’s
  • CTO’s
  • COO’s
  • CFO’s
  • Presidents
  • Vice Presidents
  • Directors
  • Team Leads
  • Marketing Managers
  • IT Directors
  • Managers at all levels
  • Office Managers
  • Facilities Managers
  • Administrators

Why should you attend?

When we are faced with a crisis situation, we can be filled with dread and anxiety, catastrophizing thoughts consume our minds, we have trouble focusing and getting things done. Our emotions run close to the surface, we don’t feel like our normal selves. Emotions run close to the surface – we are easily annoyed and frustrated and feel exhausted all the time, yet our sleep patterns are interrupted.

Even though we feel out of control and disempowered, there are things to do to help us keep our sanity, that’s what you’ll learn in this webinar

Faculty - Mr.Michael Healey

Since 1987 Michael has been consulting with businesses and organizations that understand the value of developing organizational culture and their people as a foundation for continual improvement, staff recruitment/retention, and enhancing organizational capacity. From large multi-national to entrepreneurial organizations, government and NGO’s, and across the spectrum of executive, senior managers, supervisors and staff. 

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