Dr. Madeleine S. Fairweather

Area Of Expertise : Quality Management
30 Years Of Experience
Training Industry : Life Sciences

Dr Madeleine S. Fairweather Ph.D., MRSB, is a Quality management systems expert: Twenty years’ quality management experience in private industry and public sector with ISO9001. Member of British Standards Institute and BSI QS/1 Committee.  Public course writer and presenter in consultation with ISO Technical Committee TC 176, sub-committee 2, responsible for revision and content of the BS EN ISO 9001 Standard.

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Recorded Webinar

ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems: New Concepts - Follow-up

Did you define the context of your organization accurately How well did you apply the seven QMS principles How well did the management team take up their responsibility for delivering quality across the organization A recap of the new ...

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  • 75 Mins