No Fail Presentations - Every Time

Duration 60 Mins
Level Basic & Intermediate & Advanced
Webinar ID IQW21K1115

  • Apply the Four Key Elements to produce a successful presentation
  • Deliver a dynamic speech with little time to prepare
  • Manage and conquer your speech anxiety
  • Connect with you audience and get them engaged and inspired with your message
  • Think and speak on your feet
  • Master the art of sounding natural and conversational

Overview of the webinar

You will learn the "secret sauce" to pulling off a successful speech by knowing what to do so you can present effectively at any event and situation. 

Who should attend?

  • You want to improve your public speaking skills
  • You want to develop professional presentation skills
  • You want to know the key elements that make a speech great
  • You regularly make presentations and want to do them better and easier, with improved results

Why should you attend?

Whether you are presenting to board members, customers/clients, coleagues, employees, potential employers, or conference attendees, a strong presentation can generate interest and boost your career and business. But how do pull of a great presentation…every time?
This webinar will help you know what to do so you can deliver a presentation with confidence using an easy to remember, simple process.  You will receive practical and actionable tools you can use immediately to give persuasive presentations and get buy-in from your audience.
When using your valuable time to prepare and deliver a presentation, you want it to be a success. You want to engage your audience and make your presentation positively memorable. In this webinar you will learn the FOUR KEY elements that produce a successful presentation that you can apply to any presentation. .

Faculty - Ms.Lisa Kleiman

Founder and Public Speaking Coach at Speaktopia ( and Author of "You Got This: Everything You Need to Master Authentic Public Speaking" (2019) River Grove Books. 

A communication professional with a strong background in instruction, training, and management in academic and business settings. Proactively and effectively served in communication management and consulting roles at diverse companies including successful startups and Fortune 500 companies.  Have also helped thousands of students improve their communication skills in my role as a faculty instructor of undergraduate and graduate business and managerial communication at Boise State University.  An academic scholar with an Education Specialist in Adult and Organizational Learning and Leadership degree, a Master of English concentration in Technical and Professional Communication, and a bachelor of science degree in marketing and management with academic and professional certificates in human resources and records management.

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