Pandemic Issues for Medical Staffs: Liability, Compliance and Policies

Duration 60 Mins
Level Intermediate
Webinar ID IQW20J1006

  • Liability Exposure
  • Triage
  • Prioritization 
  • Restricted resources
  • Hospital Discipline 
  • Privileges
  • Temporary
  • Disaster
  • Credentialing
  • State Licensure
  • Allied Scope 
  • Electronic action 

Overview of the webinar

Existing medical staff rules and regulations, bylaws and protocols need to adapt to changes in laws and changes in practice due to COVID-19. How hospital medical staffs deal with restricted resources for patients, limited equipment for physicians, professional liability exposure and disaster privileges procedures and other issues related to the epidemic will be presented.  

Who should attend?

  • Medical Staff President/Chief of Staff
  • Bylaws Committee
  • Credentialing Committee
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Vice President of Medical Affairs
  • Chief of Staff, Director of Medical Staff
  • Medical Staff Attorney
  • Hospital Counsel
  • Medical Staff Manager
  • Credentialing Specialist

Why should you attend?

The pandemic presents a host of  new clinical issues—and no small number of new legal issues for hospital medical staffs, ranging from credentialing to personal protective equipment to long term liability. 

Faculty - Dr. Elizabeth A. Snelson Esq.

Elizabeth A. “Libby” Snelson, Esq. is the legal counsel for Medical Staff PLLC. She works for physicians, medical staffs and medical societies across the country handling “disruptive practitioner” procedures, peer review problems, and other compliance matters. Libby serves as an expert witness in Data Bank and credentialing cases.

Prior to moving home to the Midwest, Libby was the Director of the Division of Physician Contracting and Medical Staff Affairs of the California Medical Association. A frequent speaker on medical staff legal issues, she presents at medical societies and medical staff leadership retreats. She is Past President of the American Society of Medical Association Counsel, and past Vice President of the  ABA’s Physician Issues Interest Group.

Medical staff bylaws are a primary focus of Libby’s practice. Her articles on medical staff legal issues have appeared in various publications. She is the author of The Physicians’ Guide to Medical Staff Organization Bylaws, published by the American Medical Association.

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