Make Your Company ROAR - Recruit, Onboard, Actuate, and Retain!

Duration 75 Mins
Level Basic & Advanced
Webinar ID IQW18k1124

How to Recruit the Best When Your Company Can Afford Them

  • Recruiting Process
  • Job Description
  • Effective Sourcing
  • Magic Interviews
  • Effective Candidate Selection

Great First Impression Onboarding

  • Benefits Orientation
  • Organization Orientation
  • Industry Orientation

You Hired Them, Now Retain Them

  • Set Performance Goals
  • Manager/Direct Report One on One Meetings
  • Importance of Communication

Overview of the webinar

Many companies struggle with their recruiting process. Learn how to recruit, onboard, and retain the best talent for your company. Companies that do not understand that the recruiting process includes the onboarding process and the retention process, generally find recruiting through retention more difficult. If they understood the importance of the integration of all three processes, there would be no problem with poor retention. This information helps the recruiters and staffs responsible for recruitment strategy and implementation create an integrated process that includes talent acquisition, onboarding, and retention processes. This strategic view of the integration of all three processes creates a new culture within companies where all generations feel welcome and become engaged immediately.

Who should attend?

  • CEOs
  • COOs
  • CFOs
  • Human Resources VPs
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Representatives
  • Recruiters
  • Hiring Managers

Why should you attend?

Recruitment, onboarding, and retention are interconnected. You cannot retain good people if you don't first hire good people and provide them the best tools to succeed. Effective Onboarding is a vital part of this process. HR team members are often too busy to think about best trends and practices or creative and new ways to recruit, onboard, and retain staff. In today's competitive employment market, this is a critical priority.

Faculty - Mr. William 'Bill' Humbert

Bill is a Professional Speaker member with National Speakers Association (NSA) with 24 years of public appearances. Member of the Mountain West Chapter Board of NSA in Salt Lake City. Nationally recognized Expert Talent Acquisition professional. Last webinar with Clear Law Institute was rated Excellent for content and Excellent for presentation! 100% recommended webinar. Experienced TV (84 live TV appearances), newspaper, and radio/podcast guest. Recent TV interview on "Why The Best Qualified Candidate Is Rarely Hired". He is also Quoted in New York Times. Twice published author of "Employee 5.0 Secrets Of A Successful Job Search In The New World Order"and "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job"?. Since 2012 he started conducting Webinars, currently making weekly presentations. Co-founder of 1st endowment for Frederick County, MD elementary school; and endowments in Iowa and Park City.

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