FDA 101- Animal Feed: Types and Categories

Duration 60 Mins
Level Basic & Intermediate
Webinar ID IQW15C6165

• What is Animal Feed (Type and Category)
• Is it Type A, B or C medicated drugs can be fed to animals
• When to administer each type of medicated feed
• What is labeling requirement in each type of animal feed
• What is Blue Bird Label and where to find it
• Where to find approved labeling for medicated feeds
Update on FDA’s judicious use strategy using antimicrobial drugs in Animal Feeds.

Overview of the webinar

- Understanding the definition of animal feed.
- Understanding new animal drugs for used in animal feeds.
- Need to distinguish the difference for Category 1 and Category II drugs animal Feed.
- Category II drugs are more risks (Possibility of creating unsafe products due to residual effect) than Category I drugs.
- Understanding where to find labeling requirement in each type of medicated feed.
- Understanding Label VS labeling definition.
- Understanding FDA measures to address antimicrobial resistance risks.


Who should attend?

- Livestock Veterinarians
- Feed mills vendors
- Animal Care takers (Owners).
- Dairy and Cattle ranchers
- Poultry and pig ranchers
- Other livestock producers

Why should you attend?

This 1 hour webinar will help you understanding the following topics:
 -To understand New Animal Drugs for Use in Animal Feeds.
- To understand the development and approval of labeling requirement for Medicated Feed.
- To gain perspective about FDA measures to address Antibiotic Resistance risk
- To understand the balance between treating sick animals with antibiotics and at the same times not creating antimicrobial resistance in human and animal health.
This webinar will provide you with an Update on FDA’s judicious use strategy using antimicrobial drugs in Animal Feeds.

Faculty - Dr. Bernadette Alisantosa

Dr. Bernadette Alisantosa obtained her MPVM degree from the University of CA, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine in 1996. She is ACLAM Diplomate since 2009. Currently, she is currently a Consulting Veterinarian with Biomedical Research Consulting. Her interests are focused on food-producing animals and their health related to human health and zoonoses impact on public health. She is the first and co-authors on several papers on scientific journals on Pathogenicity of environmental origin salmonella in specific pathogen-free and broiler chicks. Dr. Alisantosa has been serving as a Veterinary reviewer for JoVE Scientific Video journal since 2010.

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