Madonna Versus Bruce Springsteen Handling Change with Effective Communication

Duration 60 Mins
Level Intermediate
Webinar ID IQW15C6218

• Champion change, even when you don’t want to
• Approach your co-workers effectively
• Lay the groundwork for the future
• Respect the Madonnas and the Bruces
• Use magic formula for handling the people who get on your nerves
• Consider the effects of Groupthink.
• Use the Guidelines for getting the job done and keeping the relationships intact
• Have the courage to speak up
• Ask the right questions, avoid the wrong ones.
• Listen like your life depends on it

Overview of the webinar

Are you Bruce or Madonna? Participants will take a look at the realities of change and use the characteristics of Madonna and Bruce Springsteen to determine the best way to handle changes in the workplace. This seminar is useful for anyone who wants to approach change more efficiently and productively.

Who should attend?

From entry level positions, to the CEO, all professionals will take away immediately practical communication skills for handling fast paced changes using effective communication skills.

Why should you attend?

The success of your communication will determine the success in every other part of your life. Learning to conquer changes while communicating effectively will make you a stand-out among your team and equip you to tackle work challenges with confidence. Whether simply making simple adjustments or sweeping changes, communicating with poise and confidence will add to your personal and professional credibility.

Faculty - Ms. Amanda Box

The success of your communication determines your success in every other aspect of your life.  That philosophy is the foundation for Amanda Box while teaching and facilitating the fundamentals of communication. Her 20+ year career has been spent in a dual role of teaching on the college level and consulting with business and industry. 
Box uses an interactive and dynamic presentation style to teach specific communication skills to diverse groups. With improved interpersonal, presentation and writing skills, professionals can spend time doing their best work rather than getting bogged down in the frustrations of flawed communication. Box connects with people on every level including business leaders, government agencies, medical professionals, industry leaders, sports teams, university development teams and many more. 
Specialty topics include: communication through change, presentation skills, conflict management, advanced business writing and grammar, customer service, gender difference, small group dynamics, team building, interpersonal communication, and listening skills.
Amanda Box taught full time on the university level for 10 years and continues to serve as adjunct faculty while consulting with business and industry. Box rounded out her professional skills while serving as the communication coordinator for four years for a nonprofit organization where she was responsible for all internal and external communication including several publications, the web site, and media campaigns. 
Box has undergraduate and graduate degrees in communication.

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