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Self Auditing your Cyber Security Program to ensure to mitigate risks

To manage information security in a company you need a Self Auditing Your Cyber Security Program To Ensure To Mitigate Risks. We will cover how to audit your program in relation to establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and i ...

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Bullying, Harassment and Violence: Similarities and Differences and How to Stop them

Workplace bullying is systematic psychological abuse that degrades and humiliates, and causes anxiety, depression, burnout, and lower levels of job satisfaction in targets and bystanders. Behaviors include frequent yelling, manipulation of work, nasty emails, ...

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Excel : Budget Spreadsheets

In this comprehensive presentation, Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, teaches you how to create resilient and easy-to-maintain budget spreadsheets. Among other techniques, David shows you how to separate inputs from calculations, build out a separate calculat ...

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Vendor Qualification - How to Design and Implement an Efficient and Compliant Vendor Program

It’s not realistic for a facility to be able to meet all of its quality needs in-house without incurring an inordinate expense. That said, it may become expensive to outsource everything, and it may waste resources to outsource certain quality activities. The ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Todd Graham
  • Jan 23, 2019
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Excel: Mastering Lookup Functions

"How do I compare the items in these two lists and see which are missing" "How do I look up a value in list ONE and pick up a related value from list TWO" "How do I avoid my lookup formula displaying an ugly error when it can't find a match?" "What's the di ...

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Excel Macros - How to Create and Use them

Don’t be afraid of macros – learn how to create and use them. When you find yourself repeating actions in Excel – whether it’s a five-step sequence you use when formatting a certain cell type or the 30 steps you use when you sort, filter, and print multiple wo ...

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Time Extension Requests – What Does A Contractor Have to Prove?

Be exposed to two recent cases concerning time extension requests Learn the rules concerning time extension requests Understand the arguments about waiver and apportionment of liquidated damages Become knowledgeable about concurrent delay issues and who m ...

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Acceptance Sampling for Process Validation and Production Lot Monitoring

Personnel involved in process validation and production control often rely on sampling methods to determine the suitability of a process before moving to production (process validation) or for checking production lots for acceptance. This webinar provides deta ...

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Credit Discipline Tools for Building and Maintaining a Strong Credit Culture

This session offers you a 14-point diagnostic evaluation to determine whether your organization has the elements necessary to support a strong credit culture.  

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Mastering Excel: IF, AND, OR, and Beyond Logic Functions

Many users rely on the IF function in Excel, but they’re often unaware of ways to improve the integrity of decision-making formulas. In this session, Excel expert David H. Ringstrom, CPA, introduces the IF function and then quickly goes beyond the basics. Disc ...